Biodiversity_Next in Leiden

I'm excited and honored to be speaking about iNaturalist during a keynote address tomorrow at the Biodiversity_Next meeting in Leiden. I mainly want to make sure that I connect with the iNaturalist users who are here for the meeting.

Thank you to @dimitribrosens for setting up a bioblitz project so that I can easily see who's here!

If you don't already have an iNaturalist sticker, please find me and ask me for one. I'm here through Friday. @damiano_oldoni @wouterkoch @mikkohei13 @dryomys @libnaturalist @pieterhuy @steinarildhoem @rdstevenson @jerry2018 @dimitribrosens @karlseb @qgroom @jannahorjus @eeuw @alexwei @richardhaltonzaf @cassandraa91 @paulschrijvershof @hdn @duncan40 @lesvesel @minkie @flo_grattarola @milotictanja @paul_luap @siobhanleachman @emeyke @stinger @agosti @kcopas @dhobern @clauden

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