One week to go! #ArchibaldLake


A guide has been created! Check out some of the species we hope to find!

Hiked into Archibald Lake today to grab a few photos and ideas, the beautiful lake was spectacular - I'm so excited for you to explore it for yourselves! I also learned a few things that I'll pass along...

Indian River Rd is labelled a Private Road, Logging Operations in Progress. - as it will be Saturday, and this trail has been used for years to access Archibald Lake, I don't think it'll be a problem. It IS rough terrain though, so take things slow, and mind the rocks! PS, there are no washrooms, you've been warned. :)

The 2km hike in is extremely wet, so rubber boots are helpful - or sandals and shorts. The lake is inviting as well, so bring your swim shorts!

Any photos taken on the day, or at the site, or if anyone has any comments or conversations, please use the hashtag #ArchibaldLake so we're all on the same page.

Once we're done for the day, we can meet up at the St. Mary's River Association Interpretive Centre (the Salmon Museum on 7, south of the site, and just north of Sherbrooke) - there are public washrooms to the left of the Centre and we can make sure the uploading goes smoothly and that all your wonderful observations are included!


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