75% of the road - 09/26/2022

Monday, 9:30-2:00 pm. no live newts. 5 dead newts.
Weather: nice.
Coverage: Jones trailhead to the 6 population study site. I walked with about 15 different experts, researching the road for the newt passage project!
Newts: 5 newts, one of which was a juvenile. There could have been a couple more, I might have missed them as a survey wasn't the main goal of the day. All newts were dry, have been there for at least a few days.
Other roadkills: one fence lizard, one toad.
Traffic: didn't count traffic, but it was rather usual for the season :)
My observations of the day - https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?nelat=37.223789340027245&nelng=-121.75028018588714&on=2022-09-26&place_id=any&subview=map&swlat=37.148572203670994&swlng=-122.1821802103012&user_id=merav&verifiable=any

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