Quick notes on Sida abutifolia and Sida spinosa - to be developed

May develop more, for now just shorthand

Character: petiole relative to leaf pedicel
SA: petiole as long as or often longer than nearby petioles
SS: petiole shorter than nearby petioles

Character: Habit
SA: spreading habit, along the ground
SS: erect habit, on upright stems

Character: spine-like projection under petiole near the base
SA: absent
SS: present

Character: number serrations/teeth on margins (maybe do a count?)
SA: 8-10 teeth per side maybe more I haven't checked
SS: idk 20ish usually a heck ton

Character: Size of teeth (which is )
SA: Larger by some degree
SS: Smaller by some degree

Character: Leaf shape
SA: at most maybe 3x longer than wide
SS: generally much longer than wide, maybe 4 or 5x?

Further investigation needed

Posted on October 25, 2022 07:17 PM by arnanthescout arnanthescout


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