South section - 11/02/2022

Wednesday, 9:30-12:30 pm. 2 live newts! 60 dead newt.
Weather: cold, then rainy.
Coverage: Aldercroft Heights intersection to stop sign. I walked with Kat.
Newts: 62 newts, 2 of them alive! 60 of the newts were tiny juveniles, including the live ones. I've never seen so many little ones during one survey. 28 of the dead newts were found on the reservoir side. The live ones were walking towards the hill. We helped them cross, as well as the banana slug.
Other roadkills: our first rattlesnake, fence lizard, toad, Jerusalem Crickets, centipedes, beetle, caterpillar.
Traffic: 28 cars, 2 trucks, 0 motorcycles, 2 bikes, 0 pedestrians, 2 parked cars.
My observations of the day -

Posted on November 03, 2022 05:35 AM by merav merav


@merav, thank you for helping the live animals across the road. It is so tragic that so many animals are killed on this road.

Posted by truthseqr 5 months ago (Flag)

yes, and so many tiny ones in such a small area.

Posted by merav 5 months ago (Flag)

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