North section - 11/09/2022

Wednesday, 12:24-3:14 pm. 1 live newt! 179 dead newts.
Weather: cold. got good rain in San Jose on Monday night-Tuesday afternoon.
Coverage: Jones trailhead to the second stop sign. I walked with Molly.
Newts: again we found many tiny juvenile newts, as well as many full size newts. I had 34 dead newts on the hill side, and 75 on the reservoir side. Only a few of the juveniles were found on the hill side, most were found on the reservoir side Molly had 65 newts.
Other roadkills: bullfrog, arboreal salamander, a few slender salamander, a snake, a ground squirrel, a young skunk, Jerusalem Crickets, centipedes, caterpillars, a few millipedes. Also many banana slugs (~10), almost all in one area.
Live animals - 1 live newt, trying to cross the road, a few deer, right by the quarry entrance, and a banana slug. I saw 2 other small groups of deer trying to cross the road on the way to the south section.
For the first time this year, the little seep by limekiln trail head was full of water.
Traffic: 66 cars, 10 trucks, 0 motorcycles, 8 bikes, 5 pedestrians, 12 parked cars (1 car at the farther parking lot).
My observations of the day -
Molly's observations -

Posted on November 11, 2022 12:07 AM by merav merav


Another season of horror for the newts and those of us who care about them...

Posted by truthseqr 4 months ago (Flag)

indeed! but I was thinking that in a few years, the baby newts that are now returning from the reservoir might be able to use the newt crossings as they are heading down for the first time! that's a happier thought....

Posted by merav 4 months ago (Flag)

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