North section - 11/16/2022

Wednesday, 9:08-12:28 pm. no live newts ?? dead newts.
Weather: cold, then nice. has been dry since last week's rain event (Tuesday?)
Coverage: Jones trailhead to the second stop sign. I walked with Kat.
Newts: we found many tiny juvenile newts, and some full size newts. I had 70 dead newts on the hill side, and 36 on the reservoir side.
Other roadkills: a few slender salamanders, last week's skunk, Jerusalem Crickets, spiders, centipedes, caterpillars - dozens of the French broom caterpillars, a few millipedes.
The little pool by limekiln trail head was already almost dry.
Traffic: 49 cars, 11 trucks, 5 motorcycles, 2 bikes, 4 pedestrians, 19 parked cars (2 cars at the farther parking lot).
We had 3 great conversations with people concerned about the newts!
My observations of the day -

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