North section - 11/21/2022

Monday, 11:16-12:46 pm. no live newts, 2 dead newts.
Weather: cold, nice.
Coverage: Jones trailhead to the second stop sign. I walked alone.
Newts: only 2 newts today, after so many dead ones last week.
Other roadkills: slender salamander, Jerusalem Crickets, centipedes, many caterpillars. The skunk was gone, but I could still smell it...
The little pool by limekiln trail head was already mostly dry.
Traffic: 26 cars, 4 trucks, 0 motorcycles, 3 bikes, 7 pedestrians, 12 parked cars (1 car at the farther parking lot).
I spoke with the sheriff today! He stopped by, and was very interested to hear about the newts. He wasn't aware of the problem, and took my card, to learn more about our efforts.
My observations of the day -

Posted on November 21, 2022 11:30 PM by merav merav


@merav, there's been frost on the rooftops this past week. Perhaps that's why there are fewer newts. They seem to halt their migration when there's frost on the ground.
Cool that you're educating the sheriff about the newts!

Posted by truthseqr 4 months ago (Flag)

last week or the week before the forecast showed frost, when we had a high number. I wish we had better weather documentation for our specific area.

Posted by merav 4 months ago (Flag)

@merav, there are several weather stations near or in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I chose because they have historical data and also they present their data in a way that is easy to copy to an Excel spreadsheet for analysis (however, I can't even access it right now - it seems to have a database error).
Here are some other weather stations near Lexington Reservoir and there are many others if you do a Google search:

Posted by truthseqr 4 months ago (Flag)

thanks, @truthseqr!

Posted by merav 4 months ago (Flag)

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