iNatting in BC Parks: 2019 Roundup

With just a couple weeks left in 2019 (and in this decade!) we're looking back at an amazing first year of the BC Parks iNaturalist Project, and looking ahead to even more great iNatting in BC Parks next year. We surpassed all our goals for this project this year: there are now over 113,000 observations and nearly 5000 species, thanks to the more than 2,300 observers and 2,600 identifiers who have contributed their observations and ID expertise!

It’s been so much fun to watch all the exciting and fascinating observations roll in from across the province: we’ve seen cool species interactions, rare and at-risk species, species outside their normal range, and of course countless beautiful photos. To celebrate the collective efforts from everyone involved this past year we’ve picked out a handful of awesome observations to share with you below. With so many amazing observations it was tricky to pick a reasonable number to highlight, so please share your favourite observations with us in the comments below!

This is just the beginning of course; we’re in the midst of planning for even bigger numbers next year, plus there’s still time left to help tip us over 115,000 observations before we ring in the new year. With winter setting in there’s a whole host of new observation opportunities to take advantage of, such as winter birds and snow tracks left by the more elusive mammals, so grab your phone or camera, bundle up, and head out to your favourite park!

Check out the collection of resources put together by the BC Parks Foundation if you’re looking for observation tips and tricks or inspiration (hint: helpful for getting new iNatters hooked), including a guide to getting started with the BC Parks project and fun observation bingo cards, downloadable here:


A not-so-small selection of unique, beautiful, strange, or otherwise outstanding observations:

1) A majestic moose captured mid-drink by @kblaney in Muncho Lake Provincial Park:

2) @jasonheadley’s shot of an Arctic butterfingers lichen in Stone Mountain Provincial Park made the iNat Observation of the Day:

3) We loved @erinleeski’s beautiful shot of white pasqueflowers so much that we made it the banner photo for the Valhalla Provincial Park page (Got great park banner photo candidates? Send them our way!):

4) @kg- found a new patch of oysterplant (or sea bluebells), a provincial species of special concern, thanks to collaboration with @eacameron and the BC Conservation Data Centre:

5) A very out of range species of gooseneck barnacle, Lepas testudinata, in Rose Spit Ecological Reserve photographed by @kg-:

6) @alisonnorthup spotted this goldenrod crab spider in the process of dealing with its freshly-caught bumblebee prey, in Mt Robson Provincial Park:

7) A wary wolf spotted by @bstarzomski on Duck Island in the Hakai Lúxvbálís Conservancy:

8) @joanseptembre found a pile of healthy-looking ochre sea stars in Dionisio Point Provincial Park, a promising sign in the wake of sea star wasting disease:

9) A particularly adorable American pika, captured mid-call by @jasonheadley in Nancy Greene Provincial Park:

10) @camerondeckert uploaded BC’s first iNat record of the plains forktail (a provincially red-listed species), found in Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park:

11) A beautiful shot of sockeye salmon spawning in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park by @kokanee:

12) Collaboration between our BC Parks Big Summer field team and @leah at the BC Conservation Data Centre led to a number of vivid dancer damselfly observations (blue-listed provincially and special concern federally) in Ram Creek Ecological Reserve, such as this one by @ldietzchiasson:

13) @hydaticus caught this Pacific banana slug munching on a plant in Strathcona Provincial Park, prompting the question of how it managed to reach so high in the first place:

14) @marmota_taylor found this teeny tiny western toad in Wells Grey Provincial Park:

15) @liamsingh captured this crisp portrait of a pigeon guillemot with its freshly-caught prey in Oak Bay Islands Ecological Reserve:

16) A picturesque snow-dusted American bison duo snapped by @brookemichell in Muncho Lake Provincial Park:

17 - 19) A three-in-one observation of whale lice and whale barnacles on a grey whale that washed up on North Beach in Naikoon Provincial Park: (barnacles by @kg-) (lice by @katiekushneryk) (grey whale by @jennyheron)

20) @johnreynolds uploaded the first iNat observations of Tubaphe levii, found in abundance in Carmanah Walbran Provincial Park:

21) @kokanee caught a northern saw-whet owl grasping a shrew in Kokanee Creek Provincial Park:

22) A very photogenic Pacific sideband snail, captured by @thomasbarbin in Goldstream Provincial Park:

23) A rufous hummingbird sourcing nest materials in Smuggler Cove Marine Provincial Park, photographed by @hmbbirder:

24) @chowarth spotted this northern rubber boa at night in Kalamalka Lake Protected Area:

25) @hydaticus captured mating bee-mimic robber flies from two different species in Silver Star Provincial Park:

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Some very fine pics.

Posted by paul_prappas1 over 2 years ago (Flag)

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the Canadian observations this past year! :)

Posted by sambiology over 2 years ago (Flag)

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