Canaiad milestone!

Over a thousand observations as of this week! Our little data bank is not so little anymore. Congratulations to all our wonderful contributors!

The pace at which your important observations are coming in has also picked up lately, as more and more naturalists are taking an interest in our native freshwater mussels.

Also, we are getting some very interesting data from areas where little data exists on unionids, so the maps keeps filling up nicely. One outstanding find was of Lampsilis silliquoidea in the North-West Territories by @kathrynwalpole , in an area that constitutes the Northernmost range limit for the species!

The peak musselling season is now just kicking in with summer finally at our doorstep, so keep those observations coming!

Dr. Phil

Posted on June 27, 2019 11:18 AM by redgarter redgarter


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