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For our first post for this brand new project I would simply like to give a warm welcome to our very first members, Will, Alicia, P.W. and Carla. I hope you find this ambitious project stimulating and find the extra time in your undoubtedly busy lives to contribute more observations over the coming year. The active field season is still far away from now, but I encourage each of you to start planning your summer's "homework" of which watersheds, rivers or creeks you should give a visit to in order to fill some of our many data gaps on the map. Happy New Year, and happy planning! Dr. Phil
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Just for those of you who weren't aware of this option, iNaturalist has a mobile Android app you can use to upload your field pictures taken with your phone straight from your cell, for those of you who have a more recent model such as an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy 6 or 7. And if you allow metadata to be automatically registered when you take you photos in the field, those metadata informations (date/time/geolocation) will also automatically be uploaded along with your picture, so all you need to add is the proper species ID, and the job's done before you even get back home!

Dr. Phil

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