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April 26, 2019

The City Nature Challenge has begun!


Day 1 of the #BoulderDenverCNC is here and as of 9:15am this morning we already have over 50 observations uploaded to our region by 11 different observers. Nice work, everyone! Let's keep the observations rolling in... and please stick to *wild* and *non-captive* observations. Please, no photos of people, pets, farm animals, or potted plants. Thank you!

We have some awesome pubic events lined up throughout Boulder County and the Denver Metro Area, so check them out below. Full descriptions and details are available here:


10:00am-2:00pm: Skins & Skulls at Denver's Commons Park | Led by The Nature Conservancy and the City and County of Denver


7:00am-2:00pm: Barr Lake State Park Festivities | Led by the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies

7:00am-3:00pm: Regis University / Lowell Ponds State Wildlife Area Bioblitz | Led by Regis University Sustainability Club

8:00am-11:00am: Family Day at Bluff Lake Nature Center | Led by Bluff Lake Nature Center

9:00am-3:00pm: Chatfield State Park Bioblitz | Led by Chatfield State Park

10:00am-12:00pm: Nature On Your Cell Phone at Ron Stewart Preserve at Rabbit Mountain | Led by Boulder County Parks & Open Space

10:00am-4:00pm: Butterfly Pavilion Hike | Led by the Butterfly Pavilion

9:00am-11:00am: Audubon Nature Center Bioblitz | Led by the Audubon Center at Chatfield

1:00pm-3:00pm: Majestic View Nature Center Bioblitz | Led by Majestic View Nature Center


9:00am-1:00pm: Wildflower Bonanza Hike at Goshawk Ridge | Led by the WILD Foundation and City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks

9:00am-1:00pm: Boulder Reservoir Bioblitz | Led by City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks

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April 28, 2019

Keep the observations coming!

Looking good, Boulder/Denver! Let's take advantage of this lovely weather before it turns, and collect as many more [wild] plant and wildlife observations as possible.

And if you need more coaxing...

Prizes will be awarded to a number of top City Nature Challenge users in categories such as Most Verifiable Observations, Most Species Observed, Most Species Identified, Best Bird Photo, Best Mammal Photo, Best Insect Photo, Best Amphibian Photo, Best Reptile Photo, Best Plant Photo, Rarest Observation, and more.

Thanks to our sponsors, we have some sweet giveaways available, such as: REI daypacks, gift certificates to Zeal Optics, zero waste gift boxes from EarthHero, chocolate bars from Lily's Sweets, nature photography coffee table books, plus goodies from Colorado Parks & Wildlife and The Nature Conservancy.

Winners will be announced after the conclusion of the CNC, and will be contacted through the iNaturalist message system to coordinate prize pickup.

You have until 9:00am MST on May 6th to upload all your observations from the bioblitz, and to help identify other users' observations. Let's go!

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April 30, 2019

The species identification period has begun

We're on to phase two of the City Nature Challenge: the species identification period.

From now until 9:00am MST on May 6th, we need your help identifying the variety of plant and wildlife species in each observation. If you feel comfortable adding IDs, it's an easy process!

- On the main project page, click the green "View All" button to view all observations, or go here:
- Once that section loads, click the "Identify" button
- From there you can browse all observations and either confirm the IDs are correct, or suggest a new one.
- If you only feel comfortable IDing certain types of species, for example birds, click the "Filters" button to add in filters so you only view certain types of observations.

Have fun with it! Consider hosting or organizing a Species ID Party with friends, family, or colleagues. These can be great ways for individuals to learn from one another, and spend time together. Having food and beverages available is always a bonus, too!

And remember that during this same timeframe, you can continue to upload your observations from the April 26-29 bioblitz. Just have everything in before the 9:00am MST deadline on May 6th!

Let us know if you have any questions, we're here to help!

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