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March 19, 2020

INaturalist - Southern Africa on the City Nature Challenge

"Officially, the City Nature Challenge will go ahead internationally, but not as a competition, but as an activity"

See full post @:

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March 20, 2020

Thank you to supporters

As the City Nature Challenge gathers momentum, we want to thank businesses that have supported it and made their place available to host training sessions and promoting the Challenge.
A BIG thank you
So, next time you want to go out for a cuppa or bite, you know who to go and support.

In George:
Ground Control in York Street @ 117 York street
Caloroso Roaster & Eatery @ 103 Meade Street
FOOD Co @ Cnr. 4th Street and Knysna Road
Root Coffee Roasters @ Wellington Square, or Paddagat

Salinas Beach Restaurant @ 458 Zundorf Lane
Fláva Café on George Rd
The Girl's on the Square @ 1 Owen Grant Street
Kaaimans Restaurant on N2, Kaaimans River Pass

De Rust:
Village Trading Post on Schoeman Street
Herrie's On Route 62 @ 5 Schoeman Street
Ray's Coffee Shop on Schoeman Street

Nadine's Corner on Leisure Isle @ 12 Kingsway, Leisure Island

Slow Roasted Coffee @ Mosaic Village, Paul Kruger Street (next to the Engen Garage off the N2)

Mossel Bay:
The Merchant Coffee @ 78c Bland St
Bartolomeu Dias Museum @ 1 Market St

We understand in the current situation and people will not be partying as much as usual.
Time from now we will look back and want to chat about history in a relaxing environment and to socialize.

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March 30, 2020

Garden Route (South Africa) Lockdown project

An interim project for everyone to play with:

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March 09, 2020

The clock is ticking towards the City Nature Challenge.

45 Days to go!

This is your chance to show the rest of the world why we call this area the Garden Route.
Have you downloaded your app, and started to practice? It is free, fun and educational.

Pop us a message if you have any questions or follow our Facebook page for updates on training sessions in your area.

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March 11, 2020

Ocean View iNaturalist Training and Bio Blitz

Date: Saturday 28th March 2020

Venue: Ocean View, Brenton-on-Sea, Knysna


09h00: Training session and help with uploading pictures to the iNat site.

10h00: Start 1.3 km walk on the property with the aim to take photos of as many species as possible

11h30: Opportunity to upload pictures onto iNaturalist using Ocean View WiFi

Please reply by email to Christa: Numbers are limited so first come first served.

Please indicate which of the above you will be attending.

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March 12, 2020

Test how well you know the wildlife around you

A cool little challenge you can take at tea-time to test your skills on animals, plants & fungi.

If you are a iNat user you can even be tested on your own observations.

Developed by Jonny Kalambay

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Great Brak Conservancy is presenting a CNC info & iNaturalist Training session.

Venue: Great Brak River Municipal Building
Time: 11h00 to 13h00
Date: Tuesday,17 March 2020

All persons welcome.
Any person involved in some sort of group/organization feel free to join.

Bring charged smart phone and/or laptop, and own data.
Have 1 or 2 photographs already taken to practice uploading.

If you can register on iNaturalist before the training it will speed things up.

See you there

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March 13, 2020

Remember to diarize: And planning

---- 24 April to 27 April 2020 ----

This is the weekend for you to put your photo taking skills to the test.
No observation is unwanted (other than pets, boyfriends etc). Everything nature welcome.

  • Get lots of sleep before the weekend, as you may not get much during it! (Next opportunity to sleep will be 04 May)
  • Send the children to friends. Or better yet, get the children and friends (and husband if you want him around) in on the action.
  • If your camera/phone is GPS enabled, make sure it is on.
  • Vehicle charges for cell phones, and spare batteries packed. No excuses!
  • Make sure you have data aplenty.
  • If using a cell phone for observations make sure that the observation is uploaded and synchronized before logging out. Otherwise it just shows as a blank.
  • Plan your excursions for the 4 days. Do not wait to wake up in the morning to decide over a coffee where to go. Have the coffee packed in your vehicle and drink a cuppa with the sunrise in the field.
  • Remember to pack padkos. You do not want any excuse to return home earlier than after dark.

---- 28th April to 03 May 2020 ----
This is your time to upload your observations and do identifications.
Remember: If you do not know what it is, do not stress. Someone will come along and ID it for you. Just get the observations loaded.
NB: Plan for and around Eskom

---- 04 May 2020 ----
Plan and put in a day leave so you can sleep.

---- 05 May to CNC 2021 -----
Keep up the good work and carry on observing things around you.

---- 2021 ----
Start all over again.

Follow the fun on Facebook and the relevant projects to track the progress.

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March 02, 2020

Are you getting ready?

Are you getting ready for the City Nature Challenge?

Feel free to send a message to us if you have and any questions, or need assistance in uploading to iNaturalist.

We would hate you to get all ready for the big weekend, and run into unexpected issues.

So get practicing. Build the confidance.

You can email Christine at

or follow these instructions to send a message to Colin:

In the "TO" block type
Colin Ralston (the username colin25 will be displayed. click it)

Voilà, you can send your message
Just remember to press the "Send" button at the bottom.

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March 22, 2020

Cloud Connect WIFI Hot Spots

These are Cloud Connect WIFI Hot Spots that can be used for posting observations.

Hoekwill Cafe DV - Hoekwil Cafe, Hoekwil
Beans about Coffee Cnr Church - Church Corner c/o Church and Courtney Street
Boardwalk Lodge - Boardwalk Lodge, Constantia Drive, Wilderness
MBS-KWA-Hillcrest - Bill Geffrey Ave, D'Almeida, Mossel Bay, 6506
Blanco Com Hall - 3 George Street, Blanco, George
Eden Meander Mall - Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre, c/o Knysna and N2, George
Wayside in - Hoekwil Wayside Inn Woodville
Upstairs Harry's - 112 York Street, George
WDN CBD Caltex - Caltex Garage, George Road, Wilderness
Beans about Coffee York - 119 York Street, George
Knysna Waterfront - Knysna Quays, Waterfront Road, Knysna
Golfers Heaven - 8 Longbridge Road, Kingswood Golf Estate, George
Knysna Waterfront Drydock - Knysna Quays, Waterfront Road, Knysna
Court House - c/o York and Courtney Street, George
Krust Hotspot - Krust Coffe Shop, Eden Meander Lifestyle Centre, George
Coffee and More - 103 Meade Street, George Central, George
Lancewood Prim - Hoekwil; -33.944761, 22.737928
Touwsranten-Shop - Bester Street, Hoekwil -33.954656, 22.620728
DV-BAR-Garden Route-Trail Park - Farleigh Road, Karatara, Hoekwil
Beyers Koshuis - Meyer Street, Bergsig, George
Point Caravan Park - Point Road, Mossel Bay Point, Mossel Bay
Meade Cafe - 91 Meade Street, George
101-Meade Street - 101 Meade Street, George
Herold Meander - Herold, George
-33.845542, 22.444859
Botanical Gardens - 49 Caledon Street, George
DV-HKW-Touwstanten-School - Bester Street, Hoekwil; -33.956722, 22.617942
DV-GRG-Rosemore-Comm-Center - 31 Woltemade Street, Rosemoore, George; -33.976198, 22.483265
DV-African-Sun - Geelhoutboom Road, Blanco, George
DV-GRG-Oubaai - Oubaai Golf Club, Herolds Bay, George
DV-WDN-Kleinkrantz - Protea Road, Kleinkrantz, Wilderness
GRG-George Youth Cafe - Market Street, George Central. George
DV-Oubaai-Clubhouse - Oubaai Golf Clubhouse, Herolds Bay, George
DV-HeroldsbayHotel - Heroldsbay Hotel and Apartments, Heroldsbay
Sandpiper-Hotspot - Sandpiper Cape Cottages, Boggomsbaai
DV-WDN-Salinas - Salinas Restaurant, Wilderness
DV-FarmersMarket - N2 Road, Kraaibosch, George
DV-GRG-Vicbay - Victoria Bay Beach, George
UNI-UniondaleClinic - 56 R339, Uniondale, 4600
UNI-Haarlem-Clinic - Haarlem Clinic, Haarlem
GRG-ThembalethuWT - Water Tower, Sandkraal Road, Thembalethu, George
DV-GRG-Cactus - Courtney Street, George Central, George
DV-GRG-Hospital-1st-Floor - c/o Langenhoven & Davidson Road, George
DV-MSB- Kwanonqaba Mall, 247 Dyabaza Street, Kwanonqaba, Mossel Bay, 6506
WDN NSRI - Wilderness Lagoon Beach, Wilderness
DV-Shenanigans - 62 York Street, George
DV-GRG-Pacaltsdorp-Saverite - Mission road, Pacaltsdorp, George

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