But my trail tree is only 30 years old. It must be natural, right?

First of all, the best way to establish that your trail tree is a real one is to locate it on Nova Scotia's public lidar map - . You will see a linear scar on the map at the 1:100 m scale if it is absolutely the genuine article. You should get your coordinates from your iNaturalist photo up to about 5 decimal places. Secondly, yes, contrary to what the "experts" would have you believe the L'nu'k trail tree tradition hung on until at least 30 or 40 years ago, as did returning to ancestral L'nu'k land to bury the dead. So what exactly are you seeing when you see a younger trail tree and a burial mound? L'nu'k were forcibly centralized in the 1940s in Nova Scotia. Their children were kidnapped and put into residential school. The children were so traumatized by this they would not speak their language at home and refused to learn traditional teachings. ...more ↓

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Culturally modified trees included in this project:
Trail Trees, snags and deadfall;
Trees with knife markings indicating harvested for bark, sap, or medicine
Burl trees if associated with other signs of L'nu'k occupation; other L'nu'k modified trees including trees pollarded for nut harvest or burial scaffolds

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