June Salt Spring Island Fungus of the Month: Entomophthora

Here on the Rock we like to celebrate strange things, and we love our weird fungi, but this month's fungus might be the weirdest one yet. June's fungus is parasitic and a bit disturbing, and you may wish to skip the rest of this entry if reading about that sort of thing doesn't sound like fun to you.

The unseasonally rainy weather this June has contributed to an outbreak of Entomophthora, Fly Death Fungus, on some parts of the island. Entomophthora, as you might expect from something named Fly Death Fungus, is a parasite that grows on flies, to their detriment. After a fungus spore lands on a fly, the fungus begins to grow rootlike hyphae into the fly and begin to digest it.

observation by corvi

When the fly is near death, the hyphae grow into its brain and force ...more ↓

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