Aproaching 60, 000

As we approach 60K observations on our @inaturalist project I give you a brief review of our observations.

Elephant Weevil Orthorhinus cylindrirostris observed by @nicklambert, Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia

This spectacular Ceroplesis capensis About 5cm, near a planted keurboom (Virgilia sp.) observed by @jeremygilmore in Western Cape, South Africa.

A Pasture Day Moth Apina callisto from Canberra, Australia, observed by @claudiarose

Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus, ©Geoffrey Cox (
@cobaltducks), Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park, SA, Australia

Macro Madness from Botswana

Hyllus argyrotoxus (above right), spider (above left) from Ngamiland East, Botswana, © Grant Reed (

Crimson-speckled Flunkey Utetheisa pulchella (above right), Elfins Genus Sarangesa
(above left) from Ngamiland East, Botswana, © Grant Reed (

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