Monarch migration is well underway!

Photo by johnslowry of a monarch nectaring on Joe-Pye Weed.

The Monarch supergeneration is on the move to Mexico and you can currently observe them migrating across Ontario.

Roosts (i.e. where Monarchs spend the night) have already been seen from Ottawa southwest to Windsor. You can observe a roost anywhere within the migratory route of Monarchs, but in Ontario they're most likely to be observed in the evenings or early morning close to the shorelines of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Presqu'ile Provincial Park on Lake Ontario and Point Pelee National Park on Lake Erie are two excellent locations to observe this phenomenon.

If you observe a Monarch roost, remember to add it to this project! We also appreciate all monarch observations whether they are a roost or not. If you do observe a roost, consider revisiting the location on subsequent ...more ↓

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Join our province-wide, citizen science investigation to uncover #MonarchMysteries during the migration through Ontario!

Monarch migration is one of nature’s greatest wonders. Near summer’s end, these gorgeous butterflies begin to migrate from breeding habitat in Ontario to their overwintering grounds in Mexico. This southbound migration is completed by a single monarch generation, ...more ↓

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