New Canadian Moths and butterflies checklist!

For those interested we have finished our book titled the "Annotated checklist of the moths and butterflies (Lepidoptera) of Canada and Alaska" and it is available for download or can be purchased as a hardcover. Hope everyone enjoys it, and my hat goes off to Greg Pohl for years of dedication (over 20 yrs) spearheading this project.

"The Lepidoptera, moths and butterflies, are the fourth-largest insect order in terms of global diversity, with approximately 158,000 described species. Here we report the distributions of 5431 species that occur in Canada and Alaska, as well as 53 species that have been reported from the region but not yet verified. Additionally, 19 species are listed as interceptions or unsuccessful introductions, and 52 species are listed as probably occurring in the region.
The list is based on records from taxonomic papers, historical regional checklists, and specimen data from collections and online databases [ed - including iNaturalist]. All valid ...more ↓

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To document, identify and record moth species localities from across Canada. Information shared will help build a database of what species exist in Canada both provincially and nationally.

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