New Moths of Canada collection project

Evening folks,

I'm creating a new Moths of Canada collection project as I've noticed this older project version has become obsolete and is becoming difficult to add photos to. The collection project will automatically upload all your records once you join. You can find this version at I will run both versions for a while to see how they compare, feel free to send me suggestions. If the new project seems to work for everyone I'll discontinue this one. As for the terms of the new project, they are the same. Have a great Thanks Giving weekend!


Posted on October 10, 2020 02:40 by mothmaniac mothmaniac | 3 comments | Leave a comment
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To document, identify and record moth species localities from across Canada. Information shared will help build a database of what species exist in Canada both provincially and nationally.

Mini mothmaniac created this project on December 15, 2016
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