Range guidelines for Banded & Sycamore Tussock Moths in Ontario

We have a few cryptic species pairs in the province and the Banded Tussock Moth Halysidota tessellaris and the Sycamore Tussock Halysidota harrisii is one that we have some (hopefully) helpful guidance on. The species are visually identical as adults, but they can be separated in photographs as larvae. However, adult Tussock moths are one of the most reported species groups in the province so some guidance on the treatment of adult observations is needed.

The key is the host tree: H. tessellaris are generalists and therefore are widespread while H. harrisii are host-specific and rely on populations of American Sycamore. American Sycamore is at the northern edge of it's natural range mainly in Carolinian areas along the Lake Erie shoreline. Historical records misidentified some specimens of ...more ↓

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This project collects observations of moths in Ontario for the the Toronto Entomologists' Association. The TEA has been collecting observations in the province since 1970 and recently launched the Ontario Moth Atlas of moth phenology and distribution.

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