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August 26, 2017

update of the Ontario Moth Atlas published

The Toronto Entomologists' Association (TEA) published an update of the Ontario Moth Atlas this week, bringing the total number of observations in the Atlas to 6,600. The Atlas currently contains observation data on Silk and Sphinx moths, and the TEA plans to add other families over time.

You can view observations by county, 10km x 10km squares, individual points as well as many parks. By looking at a species in the 10x10 square format, you can get a sense of their flight season by selecting the ‘Time of Year’ option.

Data for the Atlas comes from a variety of sources including iNaturalist (close to 1,300 observations), the ROM, the Canadian National Collection, as well as a variety of other institutional and individual records that have been shared with the TEA.

Thanks to everyone who has shared observations on iNat, and to those who helped verify the observations.

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