Tech change on our Pender Islands Big Tree project

We’ve had to make changes to the way our Pender Islands Big Tree project is set up on iNaturalist. We knew this was likely to happen and that’s what pilot projects are for.

There are two project types on iNaturalist: Collection project and Traditional projects.

The collection-based project is newer and requires less effort to add observations to projects. Essentially, the project manager creates a species list and sets a geographic boundary for the project and those that join will see their observations land in the project automatically. This made sense for us at the time and so that’s how we organized the iNaturalist project initially.

But there were two problems with this. First, all observations made by any Pender Islands Big Tree Registry participant were landing on the project page, even the ones they didn’t mean to add. Second, iNaturalist obscures the location of all species at risk to protect that species from harm. Cool, right? As it ...more ↓

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This Big Tree Registry aims to raise awareness about rare and endangered CDF forests & associated habitats on the Gulf Islands.

Find our downloadable measurement guidelines here: ...more ↓

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