Year 2 of the Tree Inventory

The second year of the Petrie Island Tree Inventory continues this summer, albeit without volunteers. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Friends of Petrie Island has asked their summer student, Kyra, to identify, GPS locate, measure, and record data for new areas on the island. Kyra is using iNaturalist and adding her observations to the 443 trees recorded last year in the Petrie Island Tree Inventory Project. This project is supported by the Ottawa Stewardship Council and the Ottawa Field Naturalists’ Club.

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The Friends of Petrie Island (FOPI) is conducting a comprehensive inventory of trees on a set of small islands collectively called Petrie Island in the Ottawa River. The island area is approximately 2 km long and 500 m wide.

The tree population on Petrie Island is dynamic.
• Beavers are active and take down many trees, particularly cottonwood.
• Ash trees are dying ...more ↓

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