Introduction: Your Unofficial Club Guardian Angel

Hello there plant club people!

I'm Arnan, aka @arnanthescout! I was the old Naturalist's Branch president last year, and helped revive this club after it went dormant during the Covid years. Even though I'm now an RRHS alumni and a current UT freshman, I still float around in the ether to check in with the officers, and on iNaturalist to help guide y'all. Hence, I consider myself your Unofficial Club Guardian Angel ;)

I'm here to help smooth out your beginner's experience on here. iNaturalist can be quite complex, and it can be especially confusing and daunting for new users. I've been on iNaturalist for several years now (since Spring 2020), so I can help y'all correct common beginner mistakes, explain some of the unspoken norms, assist with some of the technical stuff, or direct you to people who can help you. Not to mention I can also teach you a lot of the local Central Texas flora :D

I'd highly recommend following this project's journal posts (on project homepage - Your Membership --> Receive project journal notifications? --> select "Yes") as in the future I'll post useful information that'll both assist your new user experience and alert you to seasonal flora to find when they're in season.

If you ever need any help or have any questions feel free to message me on iNat! I might be busy in college sometimes but I will always be here on iNat for y'all.

Posted on September 09, 2022 07:26 PM by arnanthescout arnanthescout


Also you can post comments here lol
Can't wait to see what cool things you'll find!

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