Seed provenance protocol instructions for Android

iNaturalist and the seed provenance protocol

In order to create a local stock of native saplings, we need seeds harvested directly from Toronto’s old-growth trees. Indeed, these local seeds will grow into trees that are well adapted to Toronto’s climate. This means that these trees will be able to grow more efficiently with the resources at their disposal. Consequently, Both the City of Toronto and participants of the Seeds to Sapling project need a way to trace the origin of seeds used to grow saplings.

iNaturalist is a mobile application that allows its users to identify plants and animals, and record their location in what is called an “observation”. These observations can then be tracked with your smartphone’s built-in GPS system. With iNaturalist, it is possible to identify old-growth trees suitable for the Seeds to sapling project and record their location. They can then be tracked via GPS, either to collect seeds or ...more ↓

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This project aims to create a database that groups native old-growth trees of the city of Toronto

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