New iNat Projects for South Australia (Sept)

It's been a while since I updated the list of projects in SA. Here's hoping I've not missed too many. If you know of any I have missed, please let me know. Here are the latest iNat Umbrella, Collection and Traditional projects created for South Australia. The original list has been updated to included these.
Umbrella Projects
Project Title (Linked Projects) (Project Members) (News Posts)
TFL SA Water and Electranet Sites (6) (2) (0)
TFL Bushcare Sites in the Mitcham Council District (12) (2) (0)
Collection Projects - Events
Project Title (Project Members) (News Posts)
City Nature Challenge 2021: Greater Adelaide (7) (0)
Collection Projects - By Taxa
Project Title (Project Members) (News Posts)
Shorebirds and allies of South Australia (2) (0)
Collection Projects - By Place
Project Title (Project Members) (News Posts)
The Gums Reserve, Tranmere, South Australia (1) (0)
Beaumont Common, Burnside (1) (0)
Lipson Cove biodiversity (1) (0) - Restricted Membership
The Coorong (5) (0)
Collection Projects - By Taxa & Place
Project Title (Project Members) (News Posts)
Shrubby samphires and climate change (5) (2)
Collection Projects - Groups
Project Title (Project Members) (News Posts)
Friends of Cleland Conservation Park SA (6) (0) - Restricted Membership
Students Caring for Nature program (1) (0) - Restricted Membership
Traditional Projects
Project Title (Project Members) (News Posts)
Predators of Syngnathids in South Australia (1) (1)
Collection Projects - Historic Events
Project Title (Project Members) (News Posts)
Great Southern Bioblitz 2020 - Greater Adelaide (74) (4)
Great Southern Bioblitz 2020_City of Onkaparinga (19) (6)
Great Southern Bioblitz 2020_Lower Murray and Coorong (8) (2)


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