SA iNaturalists - September 2020 Update

Spring is well underway and the first Great Southern Bioblitz has been a hit, and has helped SA to break a few records.
There are still a few more hours to upload any observations from the GSB 4-day weekend and add some IDs, which officially ends midnight tonight. So far across SA there have been more than 6,400 observations of 1150 species by 214 different observers.
In SA this September we saw a new record of 13,085 observations, an average rate of 436 observations per day. A total of 2,020 species were observed including 190 receiving their first iNat record in SA. All this from a new record of 415 different observers for the month, up from the previous maximum during the City Nature Challenge in April at 341 observers.
Uploads for SA now stand at 137,364 observations of 6,624 species from 2,368 observers.
Tracking the number of observations and observers across each day throughout September shows the huge effect the Great Southern Bioblitz has had:

Top contributors & species observed in September:

(Data used for this post taken on the 8th of October. It excludes any observations from September that were uploaded after this date)

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