Progress Update, 2.8.23

As this project has been up for quite a while now, I feel as though it's time to do a bit of a progress update.

Overall, we have 5,530 and 74 different species (Including hybrids) at the time of writing. This ranges from the Mallard, one of the most common species of waterfowl, who unsurprisingly has the most observations at 703, to the Whooper Swan, a vagrant who only has a single observation in the project! The top 5 most observed species in the project include:

Mallard - 703 observations (12.7% of all observations)
Canada Goose - 535 observations (9.7% of all observations)
Great Blue Heron - 485 observations (8.8% of all observations)
Great Egret - 208 observations (3.8% of all observations)
Snowy Egret - 197 observations(3.6% of all observations)

As well as the species present, I also gathered information about where observations are coming from. Here are the top 5 states and provinces, in terms of observations:

California, US - ...more ↓

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The goal of this project is to track the various waterfowl and herons that live in Western US and Canada.

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