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June 04, 2019

Wildlife Health News Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Stay in the know- Wildlife Health Headlines 2019 Edition!

Projects needing volunteer help

B.C. Bat Count: 'Citizen scientists' needed to help with the Burnaby bat count British Columbia, Canada, June 3, 2019

BC Community Bat Program: BC Annual Bat Count seeks Squamish volunteers June 2, 2019


Experts Concerned About Health of Humpback Whale Near Alameda, CA June 3, 2019

Additional information- Raw Video: Sick Humpback Whale In San Francsico Bay June 3, 2019

Deaths of 75 West Coast gray whales declared 'unusual mortality event' June 3, 2019

Two gray whales found dead in Western Washington June 4, 2019

Refuge’s ferrets wiped out after plague strikes prairie dogs in Montana June 3, 2019

After more than 50 dead deer found nearby — some with latex gloves, plastic bags in their stomachs — a Utah landfill is making changes June 1, 2019

Two gray wolves killed in Washington State; probe underway June 3, 2019

Raccoon test positive for rabies in Poquoson, VA June 3, 2019

Raccoon tests positive for rabies in suburban West Palm Beach, FL neighborhood June 3, 2019

Man bit by rabid raccoon raises concerns for Virginia Department of Health June 3, 2019

Three cow elephants found dead, believed poisoned near Kluang, Johor Baru June 4, 2019

Otter dies after Tennessee park guests throw food into habitat June 3, 2019

FWP working with local, state officials on CWD response in Libby, MT June 3, 2019

The Poop Scoop: How Dung Helps Us Understand Rhino Reproduction June 3, 2019

What you need to know about saving our tiniest wildlife June 4, 2019

How to drench a wombat and cure the mange: ACT trial is a success June 4, 2019

Buffalo Zoo euthanizes its only tiger after checkup finds tumors, NY June 3, 2019


Cliff Swallow deaths in Tuolumne County, CA June 3, 2019

Unangan culture impacted by mass die-off of seabirds in the Bering Sea June 2, 2019

Scientists Link Climate Change to Recent Puffin Deaths June 3, 2019


A deadly fungus threatens to wipe out 100 frog species – here’s how it can be stopped June 3, 2019

Local researcher aims to better understand, preserve amphibian populations TX June 3, 2019


President takes control over mass fish die-off in Ural River June 4, 2019

Hundreds of dead fish wash ashore in Jacksonville Beach, FL June 3, 2019

UK centre designated as global reference laboratory to tackle aquatic animal disease June 4, 2019


Fishing-related sediment choking out British Columbia's sea sponges: study June 3, 2019

Sea sponges can act like surveillance cameras for the oceans June 3, 2019

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Protect Wildlife from Rodenticides- Support AB 1788

Rodenticides kill far more than their intended targets. Support California bill AB 1788 to ban the use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides which harms wildlife through secondary poisoning.

How to help:

Please email the California Senate Environmental Quality Committee, and ask them to vote YES in support of AB 1788.

Written comments are urgently requested to be in by 12 PM on Wednesday, June 5.

For more information about this bill, including how to email the committee, visit Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW) at

Many thanks to member @andreacala for bringing this issue to our attention.

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June 05, 2019

Wildlife Health News Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Stay in the know- Wildlife health headlines from around the world 2019!

Projects needing volunteer help

Volunteers to cleanup litter in Huntington Beach Saturday June 8 (CA) June 4, 2019

DEM researchers ask for public’s help with wild turkey sightings (RI) June 4, 2019

Zoonotic diseases

Vet varsity to set up lab to study zoonotic diseases (Thrissur, India) June 4, 2019

Afya Moja: Engaging Communities in One Health in Laikipia, Kenya June 4, 2019

Changing climate may affect animal-to-human disease transfer June 5, 2019

Vulnerability to Ebola and Lassa fever can now be properly assessed June 4, 2019

Second Raccoon Tests Positive For Rabies In Lower Providence, PA June 4, 2019

Second rabies case identified in SW Nebraska June 5, 2019

Bat found in bedroom of N.J. home tests positive for rabies June 4, 2019

Raccoon caught in Meriden, CT tests positive for rabies June 4, 2019

Drop in rabies jabs in KZN a cause for alarm (KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa) June 5, 2019

Helicopter dropping oral rabies vaccination in Austintown, OH June 4, 2019

Baby Raccoon 14th Animal To Test Positive For Rabies In Allegheny County, PA June 5, 2019

Rabid fox, raccoon captured in Warren County, VA June 4, 2019

Researchers discover bacterial diversity in Justinianic Plague June 5, 2019

Man tests positive as Kerala braces for Nipah emergency (India) June 4, 2019

Nipah virus: Roosting sites of bats under surveillance (India) June 4, 2019

Tick, Tick, Tick: Vector-Borne Diseases Ramp Up June 4, 2019


Why Microplastic is a Big Pollution Problem June 4, 2019

Is Plastic Pollution Depriving Us of Oxygen? June 4, 2019

Plastic pollution: 'Mission to eradicate' plastic in canals (England) June 5, 2019


Vilas Co. deputies add lead-free ammo to utility belts, hoping to cut down on accidental eagle poisoning (WI) June 4, 2019

Hunting ammo: Britain’s shooters less divided on a lead ban than expected June 4, 2019

CT wildlife rehabilitator: ‘Rat poison’ is killing state’s raptors June 4, 2019


FWP studying chronic wasting disease after Libby, MT incident June 4, 2019

MDC proposes new efforts to limit spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (Missouri) June 4, 2019

Mountain lion sickened from eating bratwurst returned to the wild months later (Colorado) June 4, 2019

Keep your pets safe from infected wild animals (NY) June 4, 2019

Grieving Dolphin Can’t Accept Her Calf Is Dead, Pushes It Through Florida Waters June 5, 2019

Whale of a dilemma: what to do with washed-up mammal June 4, 2019

Endangered right whale found dead in Gulf of St. Lawrence, feds hope to test June 4, 2019

Dead whale is buried in sand at Huntington Beach, CA after several attempts to tow it back to the ocean June 4, 2019

What to do when marine animals are stranded on the beach (FL) June 4, 2019

‘Dolphins may have died due to environmental conditions’ (India) June 5, 2019


Texas coastal flooding strands about 100 endangered turtles June 3, 2019


Spreading ‘dead zone’ could choke off nutrients for local marine life (Gulf of Mexico) June 4, 2019


As some sea star populations make a comeback, scientists may have found cause of ‘wasting disease’ June 4, 2019

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June 07, 2019

Wildlife Health News Friday, June 7, 2019

Stay in the know- wildlife health headlines from around the world!

Zoonotic diseases

Is Nipah back in Kerala because of deforestation? (India) June 7, 2019

Nipah, Swine Flu, Bird Flu: What’s The Difference? June 6, 2019

Health officials issue warning to prevent rabies exposure (MT) June 6, 2019

Raccoon with Rabies Located in Lubbock County (TX) June 6, 2019

Health department reports second rabies case for 2019 (Garrett County, MD) June 6, 2019

Rabid bats a concern in Tulare County (CA) June 7, 2019

What’s Tularemia? Fairbanks Authorities Warn Of Fatal Disease Outbreak (AK) June 7, 2019


Fishing Line Recycling Bins Placed in Fairfield & Bpt.(CT) June 7, 2019

Palmetto Pride: Balloon releases can be deadly to wildlife (Columbia, SC) June 6, 2019

Ghost nets which end up on Cornish beaches are harmful to wildlife but can be recycled and turned back into useful products (UK) June 6, 2019

Microplastics pose macro challenge for sea mammals (India) June 6, 2019

Seal 'tortured to death' on North Cornwall coast after being stranded in marine litter (UK) June 7, 2019

‘Incredibly sobering’: New study finds Monterey Bay littered with tiny pieces of plastic. (CA) June 6, 2019


Portland City Council bans bird poison from city property (OR) June 6, 2019

Avitrol Responds To Portland Banning Bird Killing Pesticide From City Use June 6, 2019

Three months to identify poison that killed three elephants in Johor (Malaysia) June 6, 2019


Study reveals potential new disease threats for wild snow leopards June 7, 2019

Northeastern U.S. deer more susceptible to wasting disease than those to the west June 6, 2019

FWP asks residents to help contain CWD (MT) June 7, 2019

Depopulated Portage County hunting ranch tests negative for CWD (WI) June 6, 2019

State Sen. Ward Urges Game Commission to Undertake Comprehensive Study of CWD (PA) June 6, 2019

R.I. hunting preserves could spread disease and environmental destruction (opinion) June 7, 2019

Dead right whale found, necropsy Friday on Miscou Island (Canada) June 6, 2019

Malnourished whale washes up at Port Ludlow (WA) June 6, 2019

Whale carcass washes up on popular Nova Scotia beach (Canada) June 6, 2019

Humpback whale washes up in Cape Town harbour (South Africa) June 6, 2019

'Why replace dolphins with oil drilling?': the battle for Greece's marine life June 7, 2019

Agencies seek ways to end auto-wildlife collisions in Park County (WY) June 6, 2019

Research suggests wolves could be beneficial in fight against TB (UK) June 6, 2019

Wildlife officials ask residents to stop using bird feeders after bear killed in Aspen found with belly full of birdseed (Colorado) June 5, 2019

Are we killing off all the wild buffalo that still know how to roam? (Yellowstone National Park) June 6, 2019


Hundreds of millions of birds die in collisions with building windows each year in the US June 6, 2019

Owl rescued from barbed wire outside Mt. San Antonio College (CA) June 5, 2019

DOC plead for donations as endangered kākāpō die from disease (NZ) June 7, 2019


As Predicted, Some of Australia’s Turtles Are Going Extinct June 7, 2019

Endangered sea turtle released after getting hooked off Fort Myers Beach (FL) June 6, 2019

Along marshy edge of York River, you'll find dead turtles, drowned in the lost traps of crabbers (VA) June 7, 2019


The case of the missing frogs (AU) June 8, 2019

This island is many frogs' last hope for surviving the world's deadliest pathogen (New Guinea) June 6, 2019


Urchin barrens: what is to be done? (CA) June 6, 2019

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Support Kākāpō Recovery to Fight Aspergillosis

Donate to help this critically endangered species fight a devastating disease. Find out how by visiting the Kākāpō Recovery donation page.

From Kākāpō Recovery:

"There are only 142 kākāpō alive today.

Kākāpō need our urgent support. We are currently managing an aspergillosis outbreak affecting many of the kākāpō on Whenua hou. Detecting and treating birds with this potentially fatal disease is extremely difficult. Birds are flown by helicopter to mainland New Zealand for CT scans, and if affected face several months or more of intensive treatment.

You can help support this response by donating to the kākāpō aspergillosis fund. All funds will go directly towards managing the outbreak and researching the cause to reduce future impacts on this critically endangered species."

Aspergillosis is a fungal infection generally targeting the avian respiratory tract and/or occasionally the central nervous system. Other organ systems may also be affected.

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June 09, 2019

Wildlife Health News Sunday, June 9, 2019

Stay in the know- wildlife health headlines from around the world!

Zoonotic diseases

Raccoon test positive for rabies in Oswego County, 9th animal this year (NY) June 8, 2019

Delhi reports rabies vaccine shortage (India) June 8, 2019

Locals take steps to protect pets against rabies (FL) June 8, 2019

First Case Of West Nile Virus Confirmed In Tulsa County (OK) June 7, 2019

DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife asks public to report sick or dead wild birds for West Nile virus monitoring (Delaware) June 7, 2019

Eastern Nebraska health officials seek to control mosquitoes June 8, 2019

‘The Hot Zone’ brings Kansas veterinarians to the screen June 8, 2019

No new cases of Nipah virus reported in Kerala: Harsh Vardhan (India) June 8, 2019

Powassan virus: Two cases reported in Sussex County, NJ June 9, 2019

Asia's Longhorned Tick Takes Its First Documented Bite In The U.S. June 7, 2019

Iran: A dozen Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever cases reported since March June 7, 2019


Plant spills sewage in Black Warrior river, killing wildlife (AL) June 8, 2019

World marks Oceans Day amid concerns over plastic pollution June 8, 2019


Sniffer dogs track down poachers who poisoned 12 deer in Chhattisgarh (India) June 8, 2019

Door County Sheriff's Department shooting range keeps lead out of the environment (WI) June 9, 2019

Chernobyl: How a Nuclear Disaster Zone Became a Wildlife Refuge June 8, 2019


WHO’s recognition of Chinese medicines threatens Indian wildlife June 8, 2019

Further testing needed to determine cause of whale death in Gulf of St. Lawrence (Miscou Island in New Brunswick, Canada) June 8, 2019

Whale entangled in N.S. fishing gear washes ashore in Scotland June 9, 2019

Two gray whales found dead near Kodiak, NOAA confirms (AK) June 8, 2019

Montana plans to sample hundreds of white-tail deer (Chronic Wasting Disease) June 8, 2019

Chronic Wasting Disease management areas expanded by over 2,000 square miles in Pa. June 7, 2019

Marine Response Unit called to 472 cases in a year, including this seal facing a 'horrible' death (AU) June 8, 2019

Stranded Whales, Manatees, Dolphins: Who To Call In Maryland June 7, 2019

Last Year, One Leopard Died Every Day, This Year 218 Have Died In Just Four Months So Far (India) June 9, 2019

Two Leopards Die After Being Electrocuted by Transformers Near Gir Wildlife Sanctuary (India) June 7, 2019

Counters keep tabs on fatal syndrome with annual Vancouver bat tally (Canada) June 8, 2019


Frogs are dying off at record rates, an ominous sign the 6th mass extinction is hitting one group of creatures hardest June 8, 2019


Massive fish kill at lake in South Naples park (FL) June 8, 2019


US special forces veterans are deploying to save coral reefs (FL) June 8, 2019

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June 10, 2019

Wildlife Health News Monday, June 10, 2019

Stay in the know- wildlife health headlines from around the world!

Zoonotic diseases

Bat in Brandon tested positive for rabies (SD) June 9, 2019

Health Update from the GC Health Department -- Rabies Awareness (NY) June 9, 2019

IFRC Says Ebola at Tipping Point in Congo With 2,000 Cases June 10, 2019

Large Ebola outbreaks new normal, says WHO (Democratic Republic of Congo ) June 9, 2019

Kansas counties facing moderate West Nile risk. June 9, 2019


Ocean pollution entangles sea lions in Newport (OR) June 9, 2019

Silence please! Marine mammals are dying June 9, 2019

Tel Aviv Ranks Third in Mediterranean in Amount of Plastic Waste Washing Ashore (Israel) June 10, 2019

Government to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021: Source (Canada) June 9, 2019

New moves to tackle Cambridgeshire plastic waste (England) June 9, 2019


Raven found poisoned in North Wales (UK) June 10, 2019


Ontario Proposing Plan To Help Keep Province Free of Deadly Deer Disease (Canada) June 10, 2019

Dogs’ overpopulation, a major threat to the wildlife (Iran) June 9, 2019

Humane Society: Sick wildlife cases rising in Ann Arbor area (MI) June 10, 2019

People Are Helping Animals Cross Highways — And That's Great for Humans, Too (FL) June 10, 2019

Wildlife officials respond to third dead whale in a week in the Maritimes (Canada) June 9, 2019

Coastline alert: Watch for dead, distressed grey whales (BC, Canada) June 9, 2019

Stranded whale in Hainan dies (China) June 10, 2019

A Dead Humpback, a Team of Scientists, a Race for Answers June 10, 2019

Wildlife biggest loser in real estate craze June 10, 2019

Sariska tiger died due to heatstroke, cancer: Autopsy report (India) June 10, 2019

Lock up your trash for bears’ safety — and yours (Colorado) June 9, 2019


Buildings Are Hazardous to Migratory Birds, But There Are Solutions June 9, 2019


Survivors of sea-star wasting disease might adapt June 9, 2019

North and South Carolina warn of Portuguese Man O’ Wars on beaches June 9, 2019

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June 11, 2019

Wildlife Health News Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Stay in the know

Zoonotic and vector-borne diseases

FWC officer battling Lyme disease hopes to help others (FL) June 10, 2019

Rabies alert issued for Osceola County, FL June 10, 2019

Woman contracts West Nile virus in Southern Nevada June 10, 2019

Humans gave leprosy to armadillos – now they are giving it back to us June 10, 2019


Sea turtle found dead with plastic in it's mouth at Little Talbot Island, park officials say (FL) June 10, 2019

Beachgoers rescue sea turtle tangled in nets in Panama City Beach (FL) June 10, 2019


LOOK: Poisoned vulture carcasses found in Zululand (South Africa) June 11, 2019


CWD panel won’t consider closing elk feedgrounds (WY) June 11, 2019

Breakthrough in chronic wasting disease research reveals distinct deer, elk prion strains June 10, 2019

Framework predicts endangered species’ pathogen risk June 11, 2019

Everett’s dead gray whale was skinny and undernourished (WA) June 11, 2019

Catastrophic gray whale deaths as Arctic ice melts June 11, 2019

36 quarantined lions may never be freed in the wild (India) June 10, 2019


A deadly strike for migrating birds (OH) June 10, 2019


Minnesota wildlife rehab center reporting increase in injured turtles June 11, 2019

Green Sea Turtles head back to sea after rehab at Texas State Aquarium June 10, 2019


Massive 8,000-mile 'dead zone' could be one of the gulf's largest June 10, 2019

Initial Test Results Blame Nutrients, E.coli for Massive Fish Kill in Gasper River (KY) June 10, 2019

Fish kill spotted in St. Mary Parish (LA) June 10, 2019

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June 30, 2019

California bill AB 1788 Update

California bill AB 1788, to ban the use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides, has recently been supported by the California Senate Environmental Quality Committee. Next steps: the bill will be heard by the California Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee on July 9th.

For more information, visit Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife (CLAW).

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