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Starting today (June 13, 2018) and extending until June 20, 2018, there will be a statewide event in California known as Snapshot Calcoast. During this annual event we strive to document as much marine wildlife along our coasts as we possibly can. Our target areas are "rocky intertidal, sandy beaches, dunes, docks, estuaries, coastal scrub – anything along the coast from Del Norte to San Diego" but we will appreciate any observations from coastal and marine regions.

If you are interested, the project can be found here:


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In recognition of Oceans Week, a group from Halifax, Nova Scotia would like to challenge the global iNaturalist community to make this an opportunity to explore our coastal areas, our oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes. Observations of marine flora and fauna shared through iNaturalist will help fill gaps in temporal, spatial and taxonomic coverage around the world.

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