Taxonomic Swap 93517 (Committed on 2021-06-14)

Added by kitty12 on June 14, 2021 13:46 | Committed by craig-r on June 14, 2021
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@craig-r very it’s kind of you to commit this taxon change. But a lot of people like me would be unhappy with the change of our so frequently used Capparis sicula. It would be helpful to make kind of a discussion with other plant specialists in order to decide all together what should be done.

Here a very reliable source from the Hellenic Botanical Society (HBS):

Posted by greek_cicada_project 4 months ago (Flag)

No problem @greek_cicada_project I understand what you've written and can do that, or at least leave the draft swaps open for longer

Posted by craig-r 4 months ago (Flag)

@craig-r As a general rule, if a proposed swap will involve more than a few observations, it can be a good idea to wait a while. Fortunately, the taxon this was swapped to didn't exist before today. So, if we end up swapping it back, at least we won't have to worry about splitting out another taxon's observations. There are worse ways to learn! @greek_cicada_project Do you have additional sources/ authorities that would suggest a deviation rather than a swap should have happened? And if so, could you flag the new taxon, rather than commenting on this swap?

Posted by kitty12 4 months ago (Flag)

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