Calum McLennan

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I suppose I'm an amateur naturalist. I'm currently 18 and hoping to study biology at University next year. My current interest is in bryophytes, although this changes frequently, and in the past I have had focuses including British birds, reptiles, and amphibians. Mostly I'm just happy to be able to use inaturalist as a way to contribute to the scientific community, to learn new identification skills, and to help keep a record of my own observations. Please do state if I have clearly incorrectly identified an observation, or identified it to a level of accuracy that can be proven, I am happy to take all information given to me. Also, if you are a user of a more official database such as iRecord and think some of my observations are worth uploading onto there, simply comment that onto the observation, I don't tend to use iRecord due to the difficulty that would bring with the large number of observations I make, but am happy to use it when asked specifically in small amounts.

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