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Degree in Entomology from U of Manitoba, worked at Ag Can in Winnipeg as a technician in the 80's. Mostly with Noctuids and pheromones. Also worked with flea beetles on Canola, and Root maggots on rutabagas. Was also unofficially in charge of the moth collection at the station, which had specimens from Norman Criddle. Have real fondness for invertebrates, but moths are my main thing.
Also a lifelong bird watcher, nut not a very good one. I believe strongly in the first guideline of iNat - Assume people mean no harm. If I sound brusque it's never intended. If you want more information on any of my identifications, or anything else, just contact me. I'm always willing to help, but I'm not always right.
I really could do with a binocular dissecting microscope!

Flickr account - https://www.flickr.com/photos/187198506@N03/
Visual aid to identifying NA Noctuid moths - https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/wiki-common-north-american-noctuid-moth-identification/10831

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