Peace, everybody ---

I'm an "Old School" Herpetologist/Wildlife Biologist/Certified Wetlands Delineator/"Ex"- Garbage Man/Bar Bouncer/"wannabe" Rock Vocalist (yeah, all that... truth IS stranger than fiction, haha!) - based in Central New Jersey, with more than 35 years experience (sometimes called the "Unprofessional Professional" by some of my more humorous colleagues)! I'm also an accomplished captive breeder, with the successful reproduction of well over 100 species/ssp. of reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, and invertebrates to my credit. People/friends have called me "Fingers" since Junior High, because my real last name is strangely spelled, and can be hard to pronounce!
I have participated in biological surveys throughout the United States, and have been acknowledged in dozens of scientific papers relating to North American herpetofauna. I have a particular interest in the herpetology of the Caribbean Islands, Central America, Europe, and the Eastern North American "Pine Barrens" regions. I'm also a big fan of Land Snails, Moths and select other Insects, Arachnids, Centipedes, Rodents, Carnivorous Plants, Bromeliads, rare/unusual Rattlesnakes, and fossils - so it looks like I'll have plenty of ID'ing to keep me busy (and a real odd mix in my "Favorites" file)! I love Birds - but I don't "do" them. They are like my "Kryptonite" identification-wise, haha! I get a kick out of researching the meanings behind Latin names, and have gotten pretty good at deciphering them over the years - (for example, the Cottonmouth, Agkistrodon piscivorus) - "agkistro" = hook, "don" = tooth, "pisci" = fish, and "vorus" = "to eat". Run it all together, and you have the rough translation - "Hook-toothed Fish eater". Both descriptive and fascinating to know - (at least for me)!
I have an intense love and respect for all creatures put on this Earth by the Gods and Goddesses, and wish to learn and share as much knowledge of them as I can.
I am proud to now count myself among the passionate and talented individuals of iNaturalist.
Blessed Be!

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