5572 thumb Butterflies of Manitoba

This is a guide to the butterfly species that regularly occur in Manitoba, Canada. For more information about butterflies in Manitoba, check out the following resources:

The Butterflies of Manitoba by Klassen, Westwood, Preston, and McKillop.

Manitoba Butterflies: A Field Guide by ...more ↓

Milbert's Tortoiseshell 1
Aglais milberti
2233406400 fa79dc5899 m
Pepper and Salt Skipper 2
Amblyscirtes hegon
3763942725 b35eee2e90 m
Common Roadside-Skipper 3
Amblyscirtes vialis
20932 260 190
Delaware Skipper 4
Anatrytone logan
4914048216 f8338ea6e3 m
Least Skipper 5
Ancyloxypha numitor
2434704364 09ec7fb488 m
Dusted Skipper 6
Atrytonopsis hianna
4563715160 60ea310ff4 m
Meadow Fritillary 4
Boloria bellona
Purplish Fritillary 7
Boloria chariclea
7760183890 a4e8a74c25 m
Bog Fritillary 8
Boloria eunomia
Freija Fritillary 9
Boloria freija
Frigga Fritillary 10
Boloria frigga
Polaris Fritillary
Boloria polaris
5083732491 48675a4d3c m
Brown Elfin 11
Callophrys augustinus
5819354007 55c9e17494 m
Western Pine Elfin 4
Callophrys eryphon
5651011852 cc3229af02 m
Henry's Elfin 12
Callophrys henrici
Eastern Pine Elfin 13
Callophrys niphon
16200 orig
Hoary Elfin 4
Callophrys polios
240px carterocephalus palaemon1
Chequered Skipper 14
Carterocephalus palaemon
5711317421 e4685481bf m
Northern Azure 15
Celastrina lucia
3667008036 ff8df26d29 m
Summer Azure 12
Celastrina neglecta
2964995671 64aba80fdd m
Common Wood-Nymph 16
Cercyonis pegala
Gorgone Checkerspot
Chlosyne gorgone
Harris's Checkerspot 7
Chlosyne harrisii
4576542166 24695cd63e m
Silvery Checkerspot 17
Chlosyne nycteis
Common Ringlet 18
Coenonympha tullia
Christina Sulphur 19
Colias christina
6137123754 e9e5000c4a m
Orange Sulphur 20
Colias eurytheme
Giant Sulphur
Colias gigantea
Hecla Sulphur 21
Colias hecla
Pink-edged Sulphur 22
Colias interior
Labrador Sulphur 23
Colias nastes
4960365598 4f2039179d m
Clouded Sulphur 20
Colias philodice
Booth's Sulphur
Colias tyche
Western Tailed-Blue 25
Cupido amyntula
Eastern Tailed-Blue 26
Cupido comyntas
2972095940 9bc2608e00 m
Monarch 27
Danaus plexippus
Silver-spotted Skipper 28
Epargyreus clarus
Red-disked Alpine
Erebia discoidalis
7721752160 a058031dd8 m
Common Alpine 29
Erebia epipsodea
Taiga Alpine
Erebia mancinus
Theano Alpine 30
Erebia pawloskii
Ross' Alpine 31
Erebia rossii
Sleepy Duskywing 32
Erynnis brizo
Dreamy Duskywing 33
Erynnis icelus
16582394727 6752de945b m
Juvenal's Duskywing 34
Erynnis juvenalis
Columbine Duskywing 35
Erynnis lucilius
2707926723 dac8bafef9 m
Mottled Duskywing 36
Erynnis martialis
5843855642 9ae18cfbc8 m
Persius Duskywing 17
Erynnis persius
Large Marble 37
Euchloe ausonides
Olympia Marble 38
Euchloe olympia
Anicia Checkerspot 39
Euphydryas anicia
2561745775 d75c4c2a7a m
Baltimore Checkerspot 40
Euphydryas phaeton
Dun Skipper 41
Euphyes vestris
5641066266 3a8333e85c m
Variegated Fritillary 42
Euptoieta claudia
3902991941 5b7650b553 m
Harvester 43
Feniseca tarquinius
177095078 50c278b938 m
Silvery Blue 44
Glaucopsyche lygdamus
Assiniboine Skipper
Hesperia assiniboia
Common Branded Skipper 45
Hesperia comma
Dakota Skipper
Hesperia dacotae
6460343615 453c06768a m
Leonard's Skipper 46
Hesperia leonardus
Nevada Skipper 47
Hesperia nevada
Ottoe Skipper
Hesperia ottoe
3836286823 5bb31e1e11 m
Pahaska Skipper 36
Hesperia pahaska
2231457923 c66bd8dfe3 m
Indian Skipper 2
Hesperia sassacus
26740 260 190
Uncas Skipper 4
Hesperia uncas
1581649444 9da13964d1 m
Common Buckeye 48
Junonia coenia
4569037388 6870b38c10 m
Northern Pearly-eye 2
Lethe anthedon
2227218716 52701ce8d3 m
Eyed Brown 4
Lethe eurydice
240px limenitis archippus cramer
Viceroy 49
Limenitis archippus
10330170014 730c6db30f m
Red-spotted Admiral 50
Limenitis arthemis
16660 orig
Gray Copper 51
Lycaena dione
7627212738 8093839925 m
Dorcas Copper 52
Lycaena dorcas
2677921201 9a93e65e00 m
Bog Copper 36
Lycaena epixanthe
1176990084 c00a235acb m
Purplish Copper 44
Lycaena helloides
4732046866 bda638cfd8 m
Bronze Copper 53
Lycaena hyllus
Little Wood Satyr 54
Megisto cymela
Ridings' Satyr 55
Neominois ridingsii
141509000 8f1c383ae4 m
Mourning Cloak 56
Nymphalis antiopa
7625483418 eef6f5b436 m
Garita Skipperling 36
Oarisma garita
Oarisma powesheik
Oarisma poweshiek
Alberta Arctic
Oeneis alberta
4568525035 0eab433345 m
Chryxus Arctic 2
Oeneis chryxus
Jutta Arctic 58
Oeneis jutta
69705 260 190
Macoun's Arctic 51
Oeneis macounii
5958285494 86cc8fb98f m
Melissa Arctic 7
Oeneis melissa
Polixenes Arctic
Oeneis polixenes
Uhler's Arctic 25
Oeneis uhleri
3569720678 180beffc0b m
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail 59
Papilio canadensis
Old World Swallowtail 60
Papilio machaon
240px black swallowtail, male, ottawa
Black Swallowtail 61
Papilio polyxenes
3756412704 23d74d2960 m
Tawny Crescent 62
Phyciodes batesii
1744880071 833abf1460 m
Northern Crescent 63
Phyciodes cocyta
4797044264 7a5a945e91 m
Pearl Crescent 64
Phyciodes tharos
Mustard White 33
Pieris oleracea
3746247839 6bc7b097af m
Cabbage White 65
Pieris rapae
4907419124 5fde0fa75f m
Plebejus glandon 66
Agriades glandon
Northern Blue 45
Plebejus idas
2822466696 3588dbfaca m
Melissa Blue 36
Plebejus melissa

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