James Bailey Curator

I am a naturalist on a mission to study and unravel the ecological network of the living world.

You can call me James.

About Me
I summarize my hobby as "pan-species listing", which is the process of documenting every species of organism I have encountered in the wild. This is hobby is important to me not for statistics or competition but as a personal journey. Every species has its own unique story to tell in the grand portrait of nature, and I'm listening. My fascination is particularly with microhabitats, localized endemism, and development of niches.

Outside of my personal interest, my aim is to help contribute to the greater understanding of all species, not just the big and bright. This not only adds to the knowledge of our little known taxa, but helps remind us all how important even the smallest and most overlooked organisms can be. If I can share my experiences with others, through iNaturalist or otherwise, then even better.

Time provided, I post additions via my blog here: http://timelessrivulet.blogspot.com/

I am in the process of developing several digital apps. My first work, a guide covering North American ladybugs, can be found here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/adalia-field-guide-to-ladybugs/id1121061924?mt=8

My Dreams

My particular (hoped!) areas of focus would be the (Californian) Channel Islands, New Zealand, Arizona, and Baja. Basically, regions of high diversity and with added endemism are most likely to catch my eye! I have a special fondness for high altitude and alpine species. These areas push evolution to the fullest and the results are often astounding.

Photo Usage
If you want to use my photos in any publications or guides, let me know!

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