Meadow Hawkweed

Pilosella caespitosa

Summary 3

Hieracium caespitosum (commonly known as meadow hawkweed, yellow hawkweed, field hawkweed, king devil, yellow paintbrush, devil's paintbrush, yellow devil, yellow fox-and-cubs, and yellow king-devil) is like several other Hieracium species and has a similar appearance to many of the other Hawkweeds.

How to recognize it? 4

Yellow, dandelion-type flower heads. Dark striped buds. Leafless stem. Bristly black hairs. Spatula shaped leaves. Leaves are hairy and darker on the topside. Grow to 1m (3.3 ft).

Native lookalike: Mountain Dandelion (Agoseris)

Observations in Banff National Park 5

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