Cheatgrass/Downy Brome

Bromus tectorum

Summary 4

Bromus tectorum, known as drooping brome or cheatgrass, is a winter annual grass native to Europe, southwestern Asia, and northern Africa, but has become invasive in many other areas. It now is present in most of Europe, southern Russia, Japan, South Africa, Australia, New Zeland, Iceland, Greenland, North America and Asia. In the eastern US B. tectorum is common along roadsides and as a crop weed, but usually does not dominate an ecosystem.

How to recognize it? 5

The stems are smooth and slender. The leaves are hairy. It typically reaches 40–90 centimetres (16–35 in) tall.

Observations in Banff National Park 5

When are they blooming in Banff National Park? Mid-May at the earliest. Full bloom usually between end of June and mid-July. Bloom/seeding continuing on until end of September.

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