Renew IPNRM for 2022?

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If you are one of the mentioned people above, that means that between July and December since 2019, you are one of the top observers for "raptors" for Oregon and Washington counties east of the Cascade Mountains. All raptors observed within this time frame was automatically added to a project I managed called the Inland Pacific Northwest Raptor Migration. The idea was to observe all 35 expected species of raptors, starting from the breeders (July/August) to migrants (September/October), to wintering species (November/December). It was also supposed to document as many individuals as possible.

The reason why I'm tagging you is because I'm wondering if I should renew the project for the 2022 season. This August, I will be moving to Wyoming, which means I will personally have little participation in the project. I'm worried that if I do create the 2022 project, it will have a very low outcome of observations since a third of all the reports are my own:

Now I understand some of you don't live within the project perimeters, all I'm searching for is public opinion on how the project went. If it is something you enjoyed and was looking forward to, then I'll get started on the 2022 project. If it was of minimum importance to you or you don't really care, then it's apparent a project for this year will just fizzle out. I just want to hear what you have to say.

Posted on June 07, 2022 04:16 PM by birdwhisperer birdwhisperer


Personally, I always enjoyed following along with this project, even when I was out of the region, especially getting updates via your journal posts. That said, if you’re moving and don’t feel like keeping up with it anymore, I can’t blame you.

Posted by kiwikiu about 2 years ago

I doubt that we will be visiting your area during 2022, but am pleased to have contributed previously.


Posted by docprt about 2 years ago

Hi Sean, I live in the Portland Metro area and recorded everything I could on trips east, but often I am slow to get my observations up onto iNaturalist. With two toddlers, my schedule doesn't get set by me as often as I'd like. Therefore, I don't feel like a valuable member of the project. If it happens, I'm happy to contribute where I can. But I don't have a strong opinion of it one way or another. It was fun, but I typically don't have the opportunity to make special trips for it.

Posted by elsapoguapo about 2 years ago

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