11 Dec/17

The river is almost completely frozen, and we had a bunch of snow last night. While walking down by the river at Churchill Drive, a Bald Eagle (it was about 5 m. up in a tree) took off, and circled around the river while I struggled to get my camera out. By the time I had done that it was somewhere on the other side of the river. Foolishly, I put my camera into my bag, walked about 10 m., and a second one flew out of the tree beside me across the river. I went down onto the river, but could not see them in the trees on the far bank. They are so big!!

Posted by mamestraconfigurata mamestraconfigurata, December 11, 2017 20:16


They are big, and I envy your Bald Eagle encounters. We saw them frequently in Montana, but not so much in west Texas. Glad you are getting out, despite the snow and cold.

Posted by amzapp almost 5 years ago (Flag)

I've seen them along the river before, but have never seen them this late in the season. I wonder what they are feeding on since most of the water around here is frozen.

Posted by mamestraconfigurata almost 5 years ago (Flag)

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