Other larval tenthredininae

Pale greenish-grey with black spots on Solidago and/or Rudbeckia

Feeding stages: Body pale greenish grey, paler below spiracles, and a wide median dorsal line darker grey. Abdominal segments with following pattern of spots: subdorsal zone with small black spot on each of annulet 2 & 4, a large spot on annulet 7; supraspiracular zone with large black spot on annulet 2, small black spot on dorsal corner of second postspiracular lobe; ventral region with small black spot on spiracular area below spiracle, small black spot on ventral corner of second postspiracular lobe, and wide black spot on surpedal lobe. Older larvae may also have annulets 1-3 speckled with black dots within the dark median dorsal area. Head olive, dark behind eye, frons and vertex dark in an inverted mushroom shape.

Host: Solidago and/or Rudbeckia. One of the linked BG observations is from ironweed, but it's possible this was a misidentification (observation from June, prior to flowering of either plant).

Distribution: ON, QC, IA, WI, MI, OH, PA, VT, VA, TN

Note: May represent two closely-related species, one on either plant.

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