Larval Nematinae

Pristiphora cf. cincta on Prunus, Crataegus

Late feeding stage: Body laterally faintly pinkish-orange, median longitudinal dorsal band dark, fading posteriorly. Each abdominal segment with a large yellow subdorsal blotch and a cluster of small dark spots below spiracle. Head brown with dark line extending backward from eye, median dark line from clypeus to vertex, these marks continuous with large dark spot on vertex covering most of dorsal part of head.

Hosts: Prunus serotina, Prunus virginiana, Crataegus, ?Amelanchier.

Distribution: BC, OR, MO, ON, PA.

Note: Strongly resembles Pristiphora cincta, which is recorded from Betula, Salix, and Vaccinium. That species has distinctly divided yellow blotches, with two large blotches/clusters subdorsally, and a diffuse cluster of smaller yellow spots laterally. The larvae noted here have a single large blotch subdorsally, with a diffuse cluster of smaller yellow spots below it.

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