A bit of rain

After recently meeping about the lack of rain, we had a bit here at home yesterday and again today. Not much; 0.03" yesterday and 0.04" today. Enough to keep the dust down for a few days. Yet highlighting the spotty nature of summer rains in central Arizona, a headline in today's Arizona Republic celebrated that the "Valley escapes second drenching." Not much rain here, but there has been significant rainfall in the area. August shows some promise for life returning to something resembling normal. This morning I visited the Jewel of the Creek, which received about an inch of rain three days ago. It still shows many signs of the hot, dry summer, but there is promise in the moist soil and freshening leaves.

Posted on August 05, 2016 02:23 AM by stevejones stevejones


The Valley didn't escape this morning's "second drenching," and neither did we! 1.4 inches!

Posted by stevejones almost 8 years ago

May I rest from my rain dancing now?!? ;)

Posted by sambiology almost 8 years ago

Indeed you may, Sam, and thanks! But maybe start again the end of next week? Gotta keep 'em coming! I visited the Santa Rita Experimental Range today, an area that's had good rains of late judging by the verdant growth. I'm processing the observations now. It was nice to see green again!

Posted by stevejones almost 8 years ago

Looking forward to seeing your observations, Steve. :)

Posted by sambiology almost 8 years ago

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