[checklist]Deviations between POWO and YList (or other regional authorities)

I've been checking deviations between POWO and YList or other checklists as occasion arises. Almost all I edited existing taxon framework relationships made by @loarie .

Taxon framework relationship(iNaturalistとPlant of the World Onlineの分類体系の違いを紐付ける仕組み。各分類群のページ→分類→Taxonomy detailsで確認できる)を随時チェックしているので、どの種を修正したか忘れないようにするための備忘録です。

-- Apr 01, 2021

-- Aug 02, 2020

-- Jul 13, 2020

  • Ranunculus nipponicus
  • ミシマバイカモ Ranunculus nipponicus var. japonicus
  • オオイチョウバイカモ Ranunculus nipponicus var. major
  • イチョウバイカモ Ranunculus nipponicus var. nipponicus
  • バイカモ Ranunculus nipponicus var. submersus

-- Apr 14, 2020

-- Mar 22, 2020

-- Mar 19, 2020

Posted on March 19, 2020 04:42 AM by utchee utchee


very cool! let me know how i can help

Posted by loarie over 3 years ago

Thanks! I need to know how to edit TFR in deviated taxa, can you tell me? (I ask the same question in iNaturalist Discord server, but no comments arrived at me...)

I'd like to enter TFR which is considered deviated by POWO, should I enter it as shown on this page?

I've been editing the TFR of the POWO deviated taxon to include the higher taxa, as shown on the following page:

Which is the correct way to enter the input?

Posted by utchee over 3 years ago

sure - happy to help. Can you give me a specific example? e.g. in POWO there is in X and we want to construct a deviation to map to Y on iNaturalist

Posted by loarie over 3 years ago

For example, Prunus × subhirtella f. tamaclivorum is not included from POWO but this form categorized as CR in Japan Red List, so I thought this form should be added to iNat.

Should I map this deviation without Prunus × subhirtella, or should I map Prunus × subhirtella and Prunus × subhirtella f. tamaclivorum on iNat onto Prunus × subhirtella on POWO?

So far I've added TFRs with the latter (e.g. https://www.inaturalist.org/taxon_framework_relationships/248932 ), but after looking at the other curators' input (e.g. https://www.inaturalist.org/taxon_framework_relationships/471585 ), I'm not sure which is better.

Posted by utchee over 3 years ago

For Prunus × subhirtella f. tamaclivorum make a "non-external deviation" with Prunus × subhirtella f. tamaclivorum on the iNat side and nothing on the POWO side (1-to-0)
Or if you want to also handle Prunus × subhirtella f. hisauchiana you can set up the deviation so that
Prunus × subhirtella f. tamaclivorum and Prunus × subhirtella f. hisauchiana are on the iNat side and nothing is on the POWO side (2-to-0)

Prunus × subhirtella should not be included in the deviation because it has the same meaning on the iNat side and the POWO side.

Posted by loarie over 3 years ago

I see, thanks!
I may need to fix almost all many-to-one deviations mentioned in this journal post since parent taxon TFRs are included in these deviations.

Posted by utchee over 3 years ago

ok let me know if I can help.

Posted by loarie over 3 years ago

I'll continue to update this journal post as a my reminder, but if you don't need the notification, please let me know so I can remove for your mention in the text. Thanks!

Posted by utchee over 3 years ago

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