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I've set up this project to track what I can find on the patio of my townhouse.

I live in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. It's a suburb of Metro Vancouver and a lovely place to live. I live in a townhouse development; there's a communal courtyard, and each of the townhouses has a small patch of patio as well. Mine has:

  • a wooden deck directly outside our door, shaded;
  • a concrete patio in front of it;
  • hedges bordering the left and right sides, and in front;
  • plants growing under the hedges (a rose, tulips, poppies, a mix of native and non-native flowers I've planted);
  • a few plants growing in pots (and one chestnut tree);
  • and the usual clutter.

I've measured mine, and it's just about 5 metres square: front door to the edge of the sidewalk, and middle of the left hedge to middle of the right hedge.

While I'm reasonably close to some wooded areas ( ...more ↓

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Discovering and tracking what I can find on 25 square metres of urban townhouse patio.

saintaardvark created this project on May 15, 2024
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