New Annotation: Evidence of Presence

in case you missed it a new type of annotation called Evidence of Presence has just been introduced to iNaturalist, and originated from suggestions by members of the iNaturalist community. Check out the forum post about it!

The criteria we used to decide which types of evidence to include for the rollout:

Will most people understand what the term means?
Is it commonly observed and relevant to a broad group of taxa?
Will it noticeably improve parts of iNaturalist such as the taxon photo browser, searches, or collection projects?

Evidence of Presence annotations will only appear for observations within Kingdom Animalia 1 (except for humans), and there are six possible values at launch, defined as follows:

Organism: Whole or partial organism.
Scat: Fecal matter (not owl pellets or other regurgitated matter).
Track: Impression in ground or snow made by an organism.
Feather (within Aves only): One or more feathers not attached to an organism.
Molt (within Arthropoda and Reptilia only): Discarded skin or exoskeleton.
Bone (within Vertebrata only): Predominantly endoskeletal remains. Partial bone exposure in an otherwise intact organism should be labeled “organism”.

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