Beech bark disease resistance handout

I've created a pdf showing the different stages of beech bark disease, and explaining where and how to look for resistance. Feel free to share it, any way you like.

I've found that most forests with a lot of beech in them (especially old-growth forests) have one or more resistant trees, but I often have to walk around, and look closely at a number of trees, to find them. I never noticed any resistant trees until I started looking for them specifically - but they're out there.

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Disease-free beech trees have been observed in infested stands throughout the range of beech bark disease (BBD). If you see a beech tree at least 20-30 cm (8-12 inches) in diameter that appears healthy and free of beech scale, while trees around are dead and dying of the disease, it may be a resistant tree. Locating these trees will be important for American beech breeding programs, or for in ...more ↓

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