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I would like to give a special thanks to @davidgascoigne, @alexey_katz, @kyle_callahan, @nomen_dubium, and @pmali for allowing me to use their photos in the banner, even if only some of them appeared in the final design. They really give this project a lot of character!

Alexey Katz, 2022 -

David M. Gascoigne, 2017 - ...more ↓

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Female birds are usually characterized by their dull colours and plain patterns. The same is true for the Mallard. Females of the species are brown and are often overshadowed by their male counterparts with their green heads. However, not all females stick to this trend, in fact, there are quiet a few that buck it. These are the Blond Mallards, also called Fawn, Faded, or Apricot ...more ↓

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