Spring Wild Flowers & Returning Migrants

Our very own Brian Popelier, Land Stewarship Coordinator & Ecologiest, brings this month's journal post to you:

April - Spring Wild flowers
The weather is warming and the sun is shining so keep a look out for Spring ephemerals as you hike along the Bruce Trail. These plants are the first to flower after the cold, grey winter and complete their life cycle in just a few short weeks before the tree canopy leafs out, shading the forest floor from the available sunlight. After this, these plants wither and die back with only a wisp of their former self remaining until next Spring. So get out on the trail and watch for Trilliums, Spring Beauties, Bloodroot, Hepaticas, Trout Lilies and Dutchman's Breeches to name a few. And don’t forget to add your observations to the Bruce Trail Conservancy iNaturalist project while you're at it.

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