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February 14, 2020

Butterfly advocates ask for help tracking monarchs.

Those looking to participate in the challenge can submit photos through the Western Monarch Milkweed Mapper project on iNaturalist — a crowdsourcing naturalist app jointly sponsored by the California Academy of Science and National Geographic — or by emailing them to MonarchMystery@wsu.edu.


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February 12, 2020

Scientists look to public to help migratory monarch butterflies bounce back.

During the Western Monarch Mystery Challenge, which starts on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day, and runs through April 22, Earth Day, California residents are asked to report sightings of monarchs. The data they collect will give much-needed insight into the butterflies’ habitat needs during the spring months, so researchers can better target conservation efforts.


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February 01, 2020

Beer-for-a-Butterfly Contest not over.

Art Shapiro, UC Davis distinguished professor of evolution and ecology who annually sponsors the contest in the three-county area of Sacramento, Solano and Yolo to determine the first flight of the cabbage white butterfly, sighted one last Thursday at the Putah Creek Nature Park, Winters, Yolo County, but did not collect it


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January 28, 2020

Beating the heat in the living wings of butterflies.

A new study from Columbia Engineering and Harvard identified the critical physiological importance of suitable temperatures for butterfly wings to function properly, and discovered that the insects exquisitely regulate their wing temperatures through both structural and behavioral adaptations.


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January 23, 2020

With No Sign of Monarch Rebound, Butterfly Experts and Enthusiasts Meet and Plan.

The monarch butterfly population on the West Coast has been trending downward since the 1980s, but early in 2019 the insects really made the news when numbers from annual Thanksgiving and New Year’s counts dropped below 30,000, the point at which scientists say the butterflies might not be able to recover.


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January 14, 2020

Will Monarch Butterflies Bounce Back?

This weekend, a hundred and sixty monarch butterfly experts and enthusiasts from all over the country met in Carmel for the first-ever Western Monarch Summit, to discuss the “state of the western monarch.” The species numbers’ have been on a downward trend since the ‘80s but last winter, monarchs in California made the news because they had a really steep decline in their population, dropping to such low numbers that scientists warned they could go extinct. Everyone has been holding their breath to hear what the numbers are this year. There is good news and bad news.


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January 09, 2020

Climate change playing havoc with monarch butterfly migration.

ROSARIO, Mexico — No one knows when millions of monarch butterflies began crisscrossing North America, spending their winters clustered on the same hillsides in Central Mexico, a blaze of orange wings in the green forest.


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January 08, 2020

San Diego Butterfly Proposed for Protection under the Endangered Species Act.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Tuesday it is proposing to list a butterfly native to San Diego County as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.


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December 28, 2019

Beer for a Butterfly Contest Continues in 2020.

The start of a new year can mean only one thing: no, not champagne and confetti — a hunt for butterflies.


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December 27, 2019


There's a special connection between a child and a butterfly. Both seemingly float through life, carefree and innocent.


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