Wet season

Well it's been a moist musselling season so far to say the least. The rains have been plentiful since spring time in the East this year, so many rivers and creeks maintained high water levels that have hindered any significant searches In Quebec and Ontario. But the season isn't over yet, so I encourage every one to keep a keen eye on water levels in waterways near you to take advantage of low water levels when they will occur between downpours before the end of September when levels usually start to rise again. Happy clamming, and don't wait till the fall to upload your cool findings! Dr. Phil

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Well the 'clamming' season is winding down fast now, so I hope everyone had a relatively good season, despite all the precipitations for most of the spring and summer. The last four weeks of drought have been rather productive around here in Southern Quebec and South-Eastern Ontario, with good visibility and low water levels. Many records to process and load up, but then again that's what winter is for!

Dr. Phil

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Important notice to all freshwater mussel enthusiasts!

The 2nd Biennial Canadian Freshwater Mollusc Research Meeting will be taking place in Burlington Ontario on November 8-9 and the registration deadline is October 5th. All sorts of scientific unionid news and updates will be presented, including one from myself on the discovery of a new and important population of the hickorynut mussel, Obovaria olivaria, in Quebec.

Anyone wishing to attend can submit their free registration and questions to: mussels2016@gmail.com .

There is the option to attend via Webex for those who prefer not skip the long drive down all the way to TO.

Dr. Phil

Posted by redgarter almost 7 years ago

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